Ocean Leaves

Ocean Leaves is a Canadian that makes indie folk-ish music near Sydney, Australia. He released an EP on Feb.1st, 2013.


Back in studio

Tomorrow I’m heading back into studio to start production on a new (to you) song. We will be shooting some video too, of the recording process itself, and my performance in there, so when we are done I’ll chop together a video for you to see. This will be taking place at Underwood Studio (www.underwoodstudio.com.au) which is where I recorded my first EP.

Heading into studio is a funny thing. You can have a song totally worked out in your head, or recorded as a demo, but once you walk into that laboratory, and put things under the microscope, they tend to take a new shape, or behave in a way that you didn’t expect.

I’m eager to see what happens with this song. Right now, it’s a simple fingerpicked guitar and some vocals. But after we are finished, who knows, it may be slightly embellished but mostly the same, or it may have been turned on its ear entirely.

I’m looking forward to have something worth sharing on YouTube, for those of you too far away to attend shows.


So, once we’ve locked down a new recording location, then we’ll start tracking this record. I was going to record in a church, but that’s not going to work. I might have found a new location with another musician who isn’t home much and understands my need for solitude and quiet when recording. I meet her tomorrow to see her space, and hopefully that works out. I have all the gear I need, and some of it is borrowed, so I need to get started.

I’ve been a little stressed by how scattered my brain is with all these songs. I do have a handful of finished songs, but I have heaps of song bits and pieces that just keep coming. New ones arriving into my head all the time, usually while driving my car.

I feel like I should work on all these bits and flesh them out into full-grown songs before I attempt the recording process, but part of me wants to write them while recording. I think some seriously cool spontaneous things might happen. And I like cool spontaneous things. The song “Lazy” came together while I was recording it. All I had in my head beforehand was the opening uke riff and the rest just kind of fell out of my mouth.

When it comes to songwriting, I don’t really know exactly what works for me yet. I don’t have a reliable approach. Sometimes I try to re-do a method or approach that worked really well the last time, but it won’t work at all. Some days I really have to coax out my ideas, and sometimes they just flow out faster than I can keep up. I don’t know if there’s a logic behind the process or not, but if there is, I’m going to find it.