Ocean Leaves

Ocean Leaves is a Canadian that makes indie folk-ish music near Sydney, Australia. He released an EP on Feb.1st, 2013.


Long time, no post.

OK, so here’s an update.

I’ve been trying to get all the recording done that I can on my own, but I’m fighting against a few fairly boring real-life hurdles. One is that I don’t have a dedicated quiet space within which I can leave my gear set-up and ready to record. The second is that I am a father with a dayjob, so life has some responsibilities for me to tend to outside of this project.

My distractions aren’t hugely interesting or anything; just real. Just stuff that needs to happen every day and these things take time away from possible recording time. When I was younger, home recording was easy because I had lots of space, lots of time, and few distractions. But life keeps changing, doesn’t it?

So I’ve decided that I really need to take some time off work, rent out a small studio in the city, and work with an engineer/producer to make these songs come to life and get them finished so you fine people can hear them.

I’ve been chatting with one such engineer, named Gary. I’m hoping that things will work out with him. Right now we’re discussing project requirements, scheduling, money, shit like that.

If this all works out, then you’ll be hearing songs from me much sooner than you would have, had I just continued down the road of self-recording and self-producing.

Stay tuned.